About Us

RDI is a private company focusing on Supplying of special defence equipment systems.

RDI provide assembly assistance, technical assistance and transfer of technology from foreign transferor to Indonesian partners.​

With its proficiency in design engineering, Republik Defensindo research and develop military concepts to meet the end user’s need.

RDI’s mission is to become Indonesia’s top tier in defence contractor, servicing efficiency, reliability, and technology to the Indonesian National Armed Forces.

CEO Message

"Republik Defensindo aims to rise as a global leader, creating value in the world for its partners and the markets that it does business in"
— NORMAN JOESOEF, PT. Republik Defensindo

Dear Friends,

From Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia consists of more than 16 000 islands. Situated in the middle of Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, the Indonesian archipelago is considered as one of the most geographically strategic locations on earth.

With a population of over 245 million inhabitants, Indonesia must be able to defend itself from both foreign and domestic instability.

As the 17th largest economy in the world, Indonesia must to posses strong and cohesive defensive capabilities. As of today, Indonesia’s defence industry is still recuperating from the 1999 Asian Financial Crisis and the Arms Embargo.

My vision is to see the rise of the Indonesian Defence Industrial Complex, from the unknown underdog to one of the strongest military players in the region. This objective can be achieved through the vast Indonesian wealth in natural resources, manpower, cooperation between private and state owned companies, and strong governmental support through Legislation number 16, year 2012 regarding the Defence Industry.

Republik Defensindo was created with this vision in mind, to offer Indonesia the best solutions for private military technologies and industry. With the help of our dedicated engineers, RDI will oversee the assemblies, technical assistance, and transfer of technology from worldwide Transferor’s to Indonesian state owned companies.






Yours Sincerely,


PT. Republik Defensindo


To serve and protect the sovereignty of Republic of Indonesia through development of domestic industry and continuous technological improvement of efficient defence product.


To become the top private defence corporation in Indonesia, with target business value of 1 billion USD by 2025.